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“Magic Unmasked”
Season 4, Episode 13
Air date

May 13, 2011


Justin Varava


David DeLuise

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Zeke Finds Out


Meet the Werewolves

"Magic Unmasked" is the thirteenth episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the ninety-fourth of the overall series. It first aired on May 13, 2011.


When former legendary Luchador "Muy Macho" visits the Sub Station, Alex finds out that she was the reason why he quit Lucha Libre (wrestling), so she tries to make it up to him by arranging a Lucha Libre match with him and Jerry to restore his honor. Meanwhile, Zeke asks too many questions about wizardry, so Justin offers to grant him one magical wish if he promises to stop asking questions. Unfortunately, Zeke's wish is to defeat Muy Macho in the match. Max pretends to like Talia's hobbies, but doesn't enjoy them. But later, Max tells Talia that he doesn't like her hobbies and that the truth that his real self is gross and that they should break up.

At the Lucha Libre match, Talia shows up and tells Max that she is sorry for making him like the things she likes and that she came to experience something he likes, and the two reconcile their relationship. Meanwhile, Justin uses magic to make Zeke strong, which enables Zeke to nearly knock out Muy Macho. Wanting Muy Macho to win, Alex uses an even stronger version of the spell on Muy Macho, while Justin decides to give Zeke advice rather than make him stronger too. Harper then asks Alex for a wish as well, which is to be able to beat Muy Macho and prevent Zeke's torture. Alex relents and makes Harper an unbeatable Luchador, and Muy Macho loses.

In the end, Muy Macho tells Alex that he was happier being a successful shoe salesman and that he would never forget Alex Russo for what she did to him, citing that being beat by a scrawny kid and a girl is the most humiliating moment of his life.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Valente Rodriguez as Bob Macho / Muy Macho

Magical Spells/Objects

  • Lucha Ba Boom - grants an individual the strength of a Luchador
  • Flashback Spell - allows a wizard to broadcast their memories as flashbacks for others to see


Behind the scenes