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'''Lucy Kate Hale''' plays [[Miranda]].
Hale appeared on "American Juniors" in 2003, which was her first appearance in the public spotlight. After the American Juniors band dissolved, Hale focused on acting, which had been a passion of hers for a while.
She's had guest roles on shows such as Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The O.C., and How I Met Your Mother. She filmed an ABC pilot for the show Secrets of a Small Town; a FOX pilot called The Apostles, and CBS pilot called American Family.
In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 she portrays Effie, Lena's little sister.
She now appears in a few episodes of the new Disney show ''[[Wizards of Waverly Place]]''. Hale also appears in NBC's re-imaging of the Bionic Woman as Becca Somers, younger sister to title character Jaime Sommers (Bionic Woman.
==External Links==
*[ Lucy Hale's Official Website]
*[ Lucy Hale's Official MySpace]
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[[Category:Actors|Hale, Lucy Kate]]

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