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Lucy is a ghost that became the roommate of the Wizard Alex Russo and Mortal Harper Finkle. She lost her lover, Donny, during a transatlantic flight over Bermuda Triangle which saddened her much.


20th century

In the 1950s, she lost her love, Donny, when he mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle when he was flying on a plane. That causes her to haunt at night.

21st Century

She first appears, peeking in the doorway for auditions when Harper throws a pillow at her. She then says that she can pay for the 1st 2-month rent. Then when Alex and Harper sleep, they hear her haunting. Lucy then explains why she is haunting. Then Harper says that Lucy brought oatmeal cookies. She then says that she isn't ready for a new boyfriend when Alex suggests that she gets a new one. In the morning, she and Alex and Harper introduce her to Justin, who makes her wail. After Alex tells Harper her plans to prevent being woken up by Lucy's haunting, she comes out asking how she looks. Lucy reveals she got a date with a really cute guy who is revealed to be Mason. When she comes back, she tells them how Mason tried to impress her. When Alex says that she found Donny, she goes into shock and surprise and they teleport to an island in the Bermuda Triangle. She meets Donny again and they share a coconut. Lucy is also hinted that she will stay there.



Her true love, whom she lost 60 years ago, but was reunited with him in the Bermuda Triangle in 2011. Lucy obviously has very strong feelings for him, as his disappearance caused her extreme sadness, and is what makes her haunt at night, presumably, however, now that they are together again, her haunting has stopped.


Lucy seemed to find Justin cute, and when he said he had something important to ask her, she seemed excited, only to be sad when he asks about Donny. They never went out, though Alex hoped that getting them together would stop Lucy's haunting.


Lucy briefly dated Mason, having gone out on a long date with him, though only to get her mind off of Donny, and Mason only doing so to make Alex jealous. It is unknown what happened on their date, or whether anything happened, but they haven't met since Lucy met with Donny, so their friendship, or relationship, status is not known.



  • She is seen to be rich, having lots of money to pay rent.
  • She loves pillow fights.
  • She likes oatmeal cookies.
  • She thinks Mason Greybeck and Justin Russo are cute.
  • She is chronologically 76 years old and died when she was 16.