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Season Episodes Originally aired Specials
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 18 Life As The Family Wizard Fight For Wizard Of The Year 1xx Life As The Family Wizard
2 18 Alana Wizards vs Aliens



Wizards Vs Each Other
3 26 Wizards vs Mummies Wizards vs Each Other
4 26 Best Friends Forever Max Runs Away (Part One) 4xx Max Runs Away (Part 1)
5 13 Max Runs Away (Part Two) Wizards Reunited 5xx

Season One

  • David Henrie reprises his role as Justin for 4 episodes.
  • Gregg Sulkin joins the main cast.
  • This season included 2 hour long specials.
  • Mason is absent for 5 episodes.
  • Thereasa is absent for 4 episodes.
  • Jerry is absent for 4 episodes.
  • Life As The Family Wizard is a continuation of the seres finale of Wizards Of Waverly Place.
  • Mason returns in the season finale.
Series # Season # Episode title Shoutouts Date added Prod.


1-2 1-2 "Life As The Family Wizard" Frosty The Rain Man December 22, 2010 101-102

Alex has realized being the family wizard is not as fun as she realized and she has to choose whether or not she can live up to the expectations. Max asks Alex for help at the substation but Alex gets busy and she lets him down. Alex also blows off Harper which makes her decision as family wizard change.

3 3 "Can I Be A Wizard Again?" Eeep December 22, 2010 102

Max misses being a wizard and Alex gives his powers for a day but soon realizes that she has given up her powers as family wizard and she tries to get them back. Harper tries to cheer up Alex.

4 4 "Wizards Of Shake It Up" Hannahlucia April 22, 2011 103

Alex finds out that Gorog has returned and has Rosie hostage so it brings Alex and Justin back together after Justin has moved out to be closer to the Wizard World. The two take Max and they run into Rocky and CeCe who realize they're wizards. The four team up and go to save Rosie. Max comes too and meets Flynn. Harper and Tinka start a new fashion line.

Absent: Jerry and Thereasa

Special Guest Stars: Justin, Rocky, CeCe, Tinka and Flynn.

5 5 "Alex Loses Everything" KataraFan August 12, 2011 104

Cece and Rocky begin hanging out with Alex and Harper more and Justin and Alex lose their powers after Professor Crumbs takes them away for revealing magic to Rocky and CeCe.

Special Guests Stars: Justin, Rocky and CeCe

6 6 "Mortal Life" A Wikia Contributor September 25, 2011 105

Alex has no powers anymore and has trouble telling Mason. Harper and Zeke get in a big fight and Harper and Alex become extremely upset.

7 7 "Wizards vs Murders" A Wikia Contributor September 17, 2011 106

Alex protests against her powers being taken away and soon gets them back. She gets her, Harper and Max in the new horror movie and has to run from a new masked killer.

8 8 "Justin Has Grown Up" SeddieLove4ever February 14, 2012 107

Thereasa and Jerry realize that Justin has grown up and they find out that he is going to Wizard War and they start to treasure Alex and Max.

9 9 "wizCourt" A Wikia Contributor October 2, 2011 108

Alex is offered the job as a judge in wizCourt and she soon realizes it is is a tv show but she may have to make Mason guilty of a crime.

10 10 "Alex Moves Out" A Wikia Contributor October 2, 2011 109

Alex and Harper try to be more careful where they pick their new apartment building and they share a room with Mason. Jerry and Max try to put a lot of securityy in their apartment.

Absent: Thereasa

11 11 "Gorog Returns" A Wikia Contributor October 2, 2011 110

Gorog has lured the two to a new aparment building and has decided to mind control Harper to get to Alex.

Note: This is the last appearence of Gorog.

12 12 "Wizards vs M.U.T.A.N.T.s" A Wikia Contributor October 3, 2011 111

Alex has to save Mason when he is kidnapped by a mummy so Alex and the mutants at Webster team up to save Mason. Abercrombie Zombie and Angus become friends.

13 13 "We Said No Monkeying Around " A Wikia Contributor October 3, 2011 112

Max is accidentally transformed into a monkey and Alex soon realizes that Max will soon be permenatly a monkey.

Absent: Mason, Thereasa and Jerry

14 14 "Lost In The Sky" Alexiaalexia October 11, 2011 113

Alex goes out to find Mason after he goes missing in the 12th episode, and she goes out to find him by using the magic carpet but Alex gets lost in the sky. Max and Harper try to decorate the substation.

Absent: Mason and Thereasa

15 15 "The Magic Pen" Alexiaalexia October 15, 2011 114

Max starts to do bad in school and discovers a pen that does his work for him. It starts to control Max. Alex and Harper continue their expedition through Trenssylvania.

Absent: Mason and Jerry

16 16 "Alex's Magic Scrapbook" Panu1111 October 15, 2011 115

Alex and Max find their magic scrapbook and relive their wildest adventures and Max becoimes extremely upset due to his wish to be a wizard again awaits.

Absent: Mason, Jerry and Thereasa

17-18 17-18 "Fight For Wizard Of The YearSpongelover8 October 17, 2011 116

Part 1: Alex and Justin are both nominated for Wizard of the year and the competion gets between them ripping the family apart. Max and Harper create invitations to the banquet.

Part II: Alex is once again awarded with Wizard of the year but gives it to Justin since she feels like she is not a great wizard since she can't find Mason but soon sets out to save him from Juliet's parents.

Absent: Mason (Part One)

Season 2

  • Selena Gomez is absent for 1 episode
  • This Season features the 2 hour long special "Wizards Vs. Aliens"
  • David Henrie joins the main cast this season.Gregg Sulkin is absent for 7 episodes
  • María Canals Barrera & David DeLuise become part of the recurring cast for this season.
  • Bridgit Mendler returns for 3 episodes in this season.
  • Jennifer Stone is absent for 1 episode


19 "'Alana Alliopop November 9, 2011 117

Justin moves back into the house. Harper's friend, Alana stops to visit during her promotion for her book. Alex gets jelous of Alana because, Harper is spending time with Alana. Alex traps Alana and tells Harper that Alana left and never wants to see Harper again. Harper finds Alana and gets angry at Alex for trapping her. Alana tries to get back at Alex, and possess Harper to destroy Alex and they both can run away together and start a new clean slate. Alex finds out that Alana is an evil wizard, and saves Harper with the help of Justin. 

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

Guest Starring: Ariana Grande as Alana

2 20 "Werewolf's Birthday" Alliopop November 15, 2011 118

Mason's birthday is coming up and Alex doesn't know what to get him. Harper suggest to bring him on a special dinner. They go to a place on Waverly Place that just opened up. Mason's other former girlfriend runs the place, named Julianne (Victoria Justice). Julianne wants Mason back but, Mason refuses and says he had moved on and is now dating Alex. Julianne and Alex have a competion. In the end, Alex wins and Julianne is never seen again. Alex apologizes about, Mason's birthday. Mason says he actually had a good time.

Absent: David Henrie & Jake T. Austin 

Guest Starring: Victoria Justice as Julianne

3 21 "Evil Princesses" Alliopop November 25, 2011 119

Max finds a book of the Disney Princesses in the lair and opens it. All the princesses come to life. The Princesses destroy Waverly Place and Alex, Justin, & Max have to stop them. Aurora kidnaps Harper and Alex goes after her, while, Justin goes after Snow White and the dwarfs. Max finds Cinderella and Cinderella tries to hurt Max with her Slipper. 

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

4 22 "The Babysitter" Alliopop December 1, 2011 120

Alex & Justin's babysitter when they were younger is seen on Waverly Place. Alex remembered that they made fun of the babysitter and maybe she was back for revenge. Justin sayed that she proberly is over it. The following day, they find a paper saying, You Will Pay. Max is missing and Harper too. Justin and Alex start to freak out. Mrs.Tater the babysitter is defeated and is sent to prison. 

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

Guest Starring: Mary Gross as Mrs. Tater

5 23 '"Harper''''''& Dolls" Alliopop December 10, 2011 121

Harper applys for a play, and gets the roll as a doll. Harper complains that her neck keeps hurting. The next morning, Harper doesn't wake up. Alex, Justin, & Max go to wake her up. Harper is a doll. 

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

6 24 "The Vampires Next Door" Alliopop December 21, 2011 122

Justin meets new vampires that moved in across the sub station. Unlike, Juliet's family they were evil and wanted to destroy Waverly Place and make it an all Vampire neighboorhood. 

Absent: Jake T. Austin, Selena Gomez, & Gregg Sulkin

7 25 "Strike" Alliopop December 28. 2011 123

The Sub Station has been very busy lately. Jerry makes Alex, Justin, Max, & Harper work double shifts then they used to. Alex starts a strike against Jerry & Theresa. Justin, Max, & Harper join in. Zeke voulenteers to go on strike too. Soon, Jerry & Theresa have no help that they are forced to close the Sub Station.

Guest Starring: Dan Benson as Zeke Beakerman

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

8 26 "The End of the Sub Station" Alliopop January 5, 2012 124

Alex & Justin over hear, Jerry & Theresa talking about the Sub Station closing. Harper suggests that Alex, Justin, & Max help their parents again, or Jerry will have no business. Justin tells Alex, that if they don't help they will have very little money. Alex & Justin agree onto helping along with the Sub Station again, Jerry & Theresa open the Sub Station up again.

Absent: Gregg Sulkin

9 27 "Embarrassed" Alliopop January 15, 2012 125
Justin embarrasses himself at a public resteraunt. Alex & Mason try to cheer him up by doing things Justin likes but, he wouldn't respond. Alex & Mason soon give up. It gets worse, the video was posted on YouTube and went viral. At, 2:00am reporters banged on there apartment. Alex uses magic to make Justin forget everything.

10 28 "Rewind" Alliopop January 26, 2012 126
A massive insident, happened with the Russo's which makes Alex use magic and go back in time and start it all over again. 

11 29 "The Dog Fight" (Part One) Alliopop January 26, 2012 126

Alex and Mason have been together for a long time now but when Alex and Mason get in the bigest fight ever will their relationship be ruined. Harper and Max are put in charge of the sub station.

12 30 "Wizards VS Wizards" (Part Two) Alliopop January 26, 2012 126
Alex and Mason continue to fight and decide that it would be best for the two to break up. After this Alex runs away to get some alone time. Max and Justin try to find her but find out that she has enter a forbidden woods turning her evil. She fights her brothers.

13 31 "Wizards In Denver" Alliopop January 15, 2012 125

Justin finds out that Juliet is in Denver and he goes to visit her. But he, Alex and Max soon find out that they tracked down her twin sister Teddy Duncan and they team up to find out who she is.

Special Guest Star: Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan/ Juliet

14 32 "wizChoice" Alliopop January 15, 2012 125

Justin is asked to come move back into the wizard world and he must choose between his family or his future. Meanwhile, Harper tries to get Alex and Mason back together.

Absent: Jake T. Austin

15-18 33-36 "Wizards Vs Aliens" Alliopop January 15, 2012 125

Alex decides to help Justin out with his alien club. But Alex summons an alien race that kidnapps the family and bring them on a space shuttle. The family will have to come back together after the have been falling apart to save each other. They soon realize that Gorog is working with the aliens and the Angels Of Darkness team up with the Anels. Now all of the wizard world are endangered and fight with the Alien Race. But in the end, Alex finds out that Alana is an alien.

Note: This is a two hour episode. The episode is the third extended episode of the series.

Special Guest Star: Ariana Grande as Alana (Part 4)

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