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Lisa Cucuy
Full name

Lisa Cucuy


Carlos Cucuy (father)
Julie Cucuy (mother)


Mason Greybeck
Max Russo



First ep

"Alex Gives Up"

Portrayed by

Samantha Boscarino

Lisa Cucuy is the daughter of two wealthy parents, Carlos and Julie Cucuy. Her first and only appearance was in "Alex Gives Up" where she was shown to have a crush on Max. But when she saw Mason and learned that he was a werewolf, she chose him instead. When Alex saw her flirting with Mason, she got jealous. Alex said, "Hi, we're fighting for love, and we just got back together." Lisa replies, "And you're in a boat named after me, so I think I win." She turns back to Mason and says, "Come on Mason. Let's go to the ballroom and do the slow dance." However, Mason turns her down. After Lisa's parents find out Mason is a werewolf they jumped out of the boat. When Lisa sees that she can’t get Mason she jumped out of the boat with her parents.


Lisa is shown to be selfish and will do everything to get what she wants such as bribing Mason just to be her boyfriend and she is shown aggressive when she dumps Max after seeing Mason.