Kari Landsdorf
Full name

Kari Landsdorf




Justin Russo

First ep

"The Supernatural"

Last ep

"The Supernatural"

Portrayed by

Chelsea Kane

Kari Landsdorf appears in "The Supernatural" as Justin's love interest. Kari says she only dates baseball players, and only watches movies with cats in them. She is portrayed by Chelsea Kane.


Kari first appears talking with friends as Justin admires her. A guy walks up to her and asks her out on a date for that weekend. She asks if he's a baseball player, and he says no, but lists all his other achievements. Kari turns him down saying that she only dates baseball players, and she walks away. As she's walking, she accidentally bumps in Justin and apologizes without looking at him.

Later she's eating and the Waverly Sub Station and approaches Justin in order to introduce herself. She mentions that she loves going to the baseball games, so she hopes she'll see him there.

At the baseball game, she cheers on Justin enthusiastically while sitting on the bleachers. After the baseball game, she's walking down Waverly Place with Justin talking about the game. She doesn't seem to know much about baseball despite her love for it.

After the final baseball game, Kari is at the Waverly Sub Station with Justin. He asks her out on a date, and she agrees but says she only watches movies about cats. Justin suggests a movie about dogs or farm animals, but Kari is only willing to go if it's about cats disguised as dogs or farm animals. Justin seems weirded out by her behavior, and suggests they postpone their date until a movie about cats comes out, and then runs off.


  • She can't pronounce knuckleball, and says 'kuh-nuckle ball' instead of 'nuh-ckle ball'.
  • It's not mentioned if Kari attends Tribeca Prep or another school. She's only seen outside of school, and at the baseball games.


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