Justin's New Girlfriend
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Air Date May 2, 2009
Writer Richard Goodman
Director Victor Gonzalez
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Justin and Harper bond over a love for silent movies, in which Alex hates. Alex begins to think that they're dating, and wants to put a stop to it, so Harper is her friend with an obsessive crush on Justin and Justin is freaked out by her. Then when she gets what she wants, Harper and Justin both get mad at her. She tries to bring them back together again. Justin and Harper decide to get back at her by putting them in a silent movie (which Alex hates). Justin and Harper both become friends over silent movies and Alex walks away, tired.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa both argue about whose job at the Sub Station is the hardest. They switch jobs, but then realize both are hard. Max, who wants to be a pilot, offers to help them for money. In the end, Max quits and they both return to their original jobs.


  • Make your troubles no more, go in through the outdoor: Whenever someone tries to leave, they always come back in.
  • Alex always wrecks it, make this door an exit: Allows the person to finally get out
  • Take away color and sound, this is where revenge is found




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