Justin's Little Sister
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Air Date March 9, 2008
Writer Andrew Tsao
Director Eve Weston
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The episode opens up to wizard training and Jerry brings out a genies lamp. Alex being her usual self is eager to get wishing, but is stopped by Justin. Jerry scold her saying that if she was more like Justin she would have read the handout and would know that realised genies are very tricky. At school Mr Laritate is giving what some may call a pop quiz, if a pop quiz involved the teacher giving the answer to the question to the students 'in' the question (even though this seems neccessary since the students still show difficulty answering the ridiculously easy questions). However when it's Alex's turn the teacher asks her an 'actually' difficult question which she cannot answer, Mr Laritate is disipointed that Alex is not more like Justin who could have easily answered the question. Tired of the constant comparions to Justin Alex uses the genie to wish that she would no longer be compared to him, but when the Genie cons her and makes everyone forget him, Alex has to try to reverse the spell.


  • The spells used in this episode are "We are not small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the Genie", and "We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the Genie".



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