Like many teen sitcoms, Wizards of Waverly Place has innuendo humour to amuse the older audience, or have lines that can be misinterpreted, though these are rare and they do not invlove foul language or drug abuse and very few sexual content.

Season 1

I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain

  • Jerry wants to have "the talk" with Alex after she tells him she will date Riley.

You Can't Always Get What You Carpet

  • Justin says he wants pictures of women on motorcycles for his room.

Justin's Little Sister

  • Theresa seems disgusted when she finds out that Justin is using her favorite pillow to cover his body.
  • Justin dresses off when he is invisible in front of Alex, much to her dismay.

Season 2

Fashion Week

  • Zeke talks to the model:
    • Zeke: Where did you come from?
    • Supermodel: From Justin's room.
    • Zeke: Alright, Justin!

Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date

  • Jerry tells Justin (jokingly) he wants him and Juliet to "hang upside down in separated rooms".

Season 3

Three Monsters

  • Alex puts her hand on Juliet's backside, and she thinks it was Justin.

Season 4

Three Maxes and a Little Lady

  • Alex: [after becoming Max] "I did this spell so well I'm even itchy in a lot of weird places just like Max!"

Daddy's Little Girl

  • Justin: "Dad didn't even care that little girl showed me parts of my body that I can only see with a mirror."

Who Will Be The Family Wizard

  • Zeke: "How could it [Smarty Pants] be dangerous? It doesn't even have a zipper!"
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