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*''door ''''go in through the out door '''''
*''door ''''go in through the out door '''''
[[File:Alex-outdoor-spell.jpg|thumb|left|208px|Alex casting the spell]]Used by [[Alex Russo|Alex]] in [[Justin's New Girlfriend]] to hold [[Justin Russo|Justin]] and [[Harper Finkle|Harper]] in the [[The Loft|Loft]].
Used by Felix when he was controlled by Gorog in [[Get Along, Little Zombie]] to trap everybody on the 13th floor.
==Reversal Spell==
==Reversal Spell==

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The In Through The Outdoor Spell is used to make people coming back inside in the same room when he or she leaves. Harper And Justin are The Victim


  • Make these troubles no more, You can not go in through the in
  • door 'go in through the out door


Reversal Spell


Justin dispelling the spell

Justin uses make-up reversal spells.

  • Alex always wrecks it, make this door an exit
  • Dexter always wrecks it make this door an exit
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