Hugh Normous
Full name

Hugh Normous

  • Wizard Student
  • Coco Normous
  • Mrs. Normous
First ep

"Wizard School: Part 1"

Last ep

"Wizards vs. Everything"

Portrayed by

Josh Sussman

Hugh Normous is a wizard. Hugh Normous believed he was a giant and being "rather small for his size," though he later realizes he was adopted by Mr and Mrs. Coco Normous. He befriends Alex and Justin. His adoptive parents bought him smaller objects so he didn't have a low self esteem for being a "small giant." In Hugh's Not Normous he found out he isn't a giant after he met his real parents who were only wizards, but he still acted like a giant ias seen in the episode Wizards of Apartment 13B. At the end of Wizards vs. Everything, he and the other monsters move in with the Russo's.


Hugh is taller than Alex but shorter than Justin. He has red hair and brown eyes. His hair is in an afro. He usually wears his WizTech robe and glasses. Everything he uses, including his glasses, are all very small due to the fact his parents, The Normous's, don't want him to have low self esteem.



Hugh with Alex


  • Though he goes to WizTech he has not been seen casting a spell.
  • His name sounds very similar to "humongous".

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