The Hidden 13th floor
Location New York City, Earth
Inhabitant Magical Creatures
First Wizards of Apartment 13B

The hidden 13th floor was a magical floor located at Witson Building in downtown New York City. The floor was home to inhabitants from the Wizard World, being home to various types of magical creatures.


The floor is located at Witson Building, a normal building that, as many of buildings of New York City, lacks the 13th floor out of superstition. There's an elevator that, in the presence of magical creatures, reveals the button for the 13th floor. Otherwise, people can go by the stairs (which must be enchanted so people don't notice the door for the floor).


Amongst the features of the floor are helping hands that aid the residents in chores, garbage, and other things. The windows of the apartments can have their scenery changed by pressing a button.

Also, there are dragons in fireplaces that help keep rooms warm.

Notable residents


  • Mr Laritate also lives in an apartment in the building


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