Hall of wizard

Hall of Wizards is a Wizard museum where it's keeping the statue of the great wizards and famous members of the Wizard Council, relics, collection of artifacts and other objects of magic and wizard. It's also a place for students to review their lesson before the test, specifically, Justin's delinquent class was to make their last test: detect and name the various artifacts within the Hall, this was mentioned in Justin's Back In.

Wizards relics and Instruments

Waterfall of Wikkenberry

The Waterfall of Wikkenberry:

Alex trapped in the waterfall

Cragmont put Alex within the Aquarium

It looks like an Aquarium, which is actually a magically-contained endless waterfall. Once, Nelvis said that people can drink as much water as they want and they never have to pee. In Justin's Back In, when Alex is trying to contact Justin to tell that the delinquents all passed in the final test, she's caught by Cragmont, she tries to flee but Cragmont puts her within the Aquarium, the Waterfall of Wikkenberry.

The Famous Wand in the Crystal Ball


This wand has once belonged to the great wizard Rinaldi. It's the most powerful wand in 
Wand in crystal ball
the Wizard World. But then. it was stolen by a jealous warlock who then plunged it into the crystal ball; legend states that only a descendant of Rinaldi can free it.

In the episode, when Justin and the delinquent class attempts to save Alex they're quickly defeated by Cragmont who turns Justin into a statue and destroys the class wands. In a moment of desperation, Felix grabs and removes the Wand in the Crystal Ball, causing a crack of thunder to be heard across the Wizard World, proving that he's a descendant of Rinaldi. He uses the powerful wand to release both Alex and Justin.

Another time this wand was mentioned, it was stolen by Gorog while Felix lives in the secret 13th floor of an apartment, along with his friends (Wizards vs. Everything). Gorog uses it to bring Felix over to the dark side, one part of Gorog's plan to take over the Wizard World.


The Wand punched in a Crystal Ball that glows a variety of colors, but until Felix grabs and removes the Wand from the Crystal Ball, the Crystal Ball stop glowing, that's mean the Wand transmitted power to the Crystal Ball.

The Wand looks like the other regular wands, with a wooden shaft. Also, it has a big jewel in the end with bands of glittering color at the handle. This Wand can only be used by its owner.

Magic Hair Styling Machine (Brain Scanner)

There are four machines like this in the museum. They look like other regular Hair Styling Machine but these use to scan the student's brain to check the students' knowledge. In the beginning, the machines' lights are blinking, Alex though that they know too much but actually that's just the unnecessary light show.
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