Guardian Angels are one of the two races that compose the Angels and they're the side of good. They guide their charges thanks to their ability to be invisible and can influence people (either magical or not) to do good deeds. They have white wings and enjoy sing and play the harp.

The Guardian Angels headquarters

The Guardian Angels headquarters is located in a magical dimension that, like the Wizard world, is connected to Earth through a network of portals and also seems to be connected to the Wizard World.

In the Guardian Angels headquarters there's the Chief Guardian Angels who receives phone calls and then commands the others angels to guide a

The Angel dancing

certain person, Angels of darkness cannot enter there. At her left side, is located the Moral Compax, a instrument that manipulates good and evil in all worlds in the whole universe.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telepathy: can talk to anyone they want so they can have more secretly talks.
  • Manipulate Good: Guardian Angels influence people to do good deeds.
  • Flight: With their wings, Guardian Angels can fly.
  • Invisibility: Angels approach people invisible to influence them in good.
  • Wizardry: Angels aren't capable of casting spells and use wands, thought it seems that only powerful ones can.
  • Negativity Resistance: Being Guardian Angels, They are immune to being manipulated by the wrong doings of Angels of Darkness. They are also immune to the strong effects that The Moral Compass can cause if it's on "bad".
  • Hide their wings: Guardian Angles can hide their wings, making them appear normal.


If the Moral Compass is turned from good to evil, Guardian Angels are left without powers. This make it necessary to protect the Compass.


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