Grant Greyback is a British werewolf and father to Mason Greyback and husband of Linda Greyback. He first appears in "Alex Meets The Parents". Grant once lived in THE U.K. (the united kingdom or England) where he was a fighter pilot in the royal navy.He is very picky about his son's girlfriends.

Meet the Werewolves

During the period that his son, Mason Greyback dated Alex Russo. He was hopeing that this supposed 'Alex' was a werewolf. When Mason brought Alex to meet his parents his look of Alex was she was indeed a werewolf but a bather too. Grant led the feast song, he was also in charge of announcing when the search for the squeaky bone would start.

When Mason apologies about Alex's behaviour, Grant quickly says " her attitude is werewolf . After the search when Mason reveals that Alex is not a werewolf but a wizard, Grant say that nobody understands werewolves better than werewolves. Mason corrects them telling them that Alex does understand him and loves him with all her heart, Grant and Linda respond " if your happy were happy" while Mason says "really?" their respond is " no were still going to eat her" Mason says "what?" Linda's respond is " well, she destroyed the food prepared for the feast, she left us no choice" while Grant says " we're STARVING" Mason throws the sqeauky toy and makes an escape with Alex still alive. It is unknown if he knew about the events of Wizards vs.Werewolves.

At the end of the episode Alex is talking to Mason's fake parents. Mason is asking Alex what she's doing and she responds with " since your real parents want to eat me, I thought why not get to know your fake parents" and it ends.


  • Vampire Bite: Assumed in Wizards vs Werewolves
  • Silver: Assumed by legends


  • His brother Fenir Greyback
  • His wife Lindia Greyback
  • His son Mason Greyback