Gods are extremely powerful beings who rule over specific elements of life, such as love or nature.

Appearance and Abilities

The two gods seen in the show have both appeared human, but at different stages of life. Cupid presented himself as a baby, while mother nature appeared as an adult woman. Gods may not have control over what age they appear as Cupid stated he shouldn't have arrows since he was a baby, but they may be able to control their outfits as Mother Nature said she made a new outfit to look more commanding.

Gods seem to have some form of advanced intelligence as Cupid could speak fluent English despite being a baby, and Mother Nature could figure out what was happening all over the world. Mother Nature could control all aspects of nature including the rain, lightning, earthquakes, and fires. It appears some of the god's abilities are stored in items such as Cupids arrow, since without it he was unable to utilize he love manipulation.


It appears that gods learn towards the side of good, as Mother Nature was concerned for the well being of all. But they do seem to act on their own schedule as she wasn't afraid to dish out punishment, and Cupid refused to leave until his task was fulfilled.


  • Both gods featured in the show are from Roman mythology Mother Nature being Terra and Cupid being Cupid
    • Their Greek versions are Gaia and Eros respectively
  • It is unknown what other gods exist in the show's universe but it is presumed there are more
  • The services of gods are advertised on the World Wide Wiz Web, as shown with Cupid
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