Giselle human
Giselle bird
Giselle is the main antagonist of Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Giselle and Amy have many similarities, as they are both wizards, they both have blond hair. and they both are former villains. She was a heartless and manipulative wizard who was turned into a parrot for an unknown reason, though it is assumed it was a punishment for abusing her powers. She was the main force for the search for the stone by manipulating Archie and the Russo family in finding it, only for her to use it to turn back into a human for selfish reasons.

Archie isn't aware of her cruelty, despite all the abuse he gets from her, but eventually realizes it when she tries to harm Theresa and admits to him that she was only using him. Archie then uses the stone to turn her back into a parrot, and not having any other choice, Giselle returns to Archie. Later in the movie, Giselle gets her revenge on Theresa by pooping on her.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Wizard, Giselle has the basic powers of an ordinary wizard.

  • SpellcastingAs a Wizard Giselle can cast spells, which she used to channel other powers, such as:
    • TelekinesisGiselle could control people and objects movements, as seen when she magically pushed Theresa against a wall.
    • Wish GrantingGiselle could also grant another person or herself a wish, but this was only possible with the Stone of Dreams
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