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* [[Selena Gomez]] as [[Alex Russo]]
* [[Selena Gomez]] as [[Alex Russo]]
* [[David Henrie ]] as [[Justin Russo]]
* [[David Henrie ]]as [[Justin Russo]]
* [[Jake T. Austin]] as [[Max Russo]]
* [[Maria Canals Barrera]] as[[ Theresa Russo]]
* [[David DeLuise]] as[[ Jerry Russo]]
* [[Jennifer Stone]] as [[Harper Finkle]]
* [[Jennifer Stone]] as [[Harper Finkle]]
* [[Gregg Sulkin]] as [[Mason Grayback|Mason Graybeck]]
* [[Gregg Sulkin]] as [[Mason Grayback|Mason Graybeck]]

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“Ghost Roommate”
Season 4, Episode 22
Air date

October 14, 2011

Episode Chronology


Wizards of Apartment 13B


Get Along, Little Zombie

"Ghost Roommate" is an upcoming episode. It is the 22nd episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the 101st of the overall series.


After Alex and Harper realize they can no longer afford their utility bills, a search for a new roommate leads them to Lucy, a ghost with a broken heart. According to Lucy, ghosts express their feelings — such as sadness — by haunting. In order to stay in their apartment, Alex and Harper try and find Lucy a date.


Production Notes


  • Lucy: Hi, I'm Lucy. I hear you're looking for a roomate.
  • Alex: We sure are. You're cute and about my size, do you have any money?

  • Mason: A robot just sprinted out your restraunt! It appears even people who don't eat food, hate your food.

  • Mason: Bet these shorts look uglier on me than they do on you.
  • Alex: Oh, you wanna ugly contest? Bring it on!
  • Mason: Never mind, you win.
  • Alex: Shut up!

  • Lucy: Those two are so in love!
  • Dawni: (nods)



  • This is the 101st episode of the series, making Wizards of Waverly Place the only series in Disney Channel history to make it past 100 episodes.
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