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i will be a cat can you promis that I will stay here for ever

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The Forbidden Book Of Spells appeared in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

Justin was using it along with the family wand, until Alex stole the book. The cover is black with a red outline. It has a red ribbon bookmark. It says Forbidden Book of Spells, and there is a picture of a skull with a wizard hat.


  • A party I must attend on that, we can't agree, but for refreshing change,today you'll side with me
  • In Spanish class I took a nap in, how about a floating caption

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i will be a cat can you promis that I will stay here for ever





















    • Def Leppard Animalis
    • Dehidratus Lugatus Apus Escapus
    • Destination, Time Recreation
    • Do what you say, say what you mean, one thing leads to another, remember
    • Don't let Alex be a liar, the truth, the truth, is on fire
    • Don't let this garden go to waste, give all this food a better taste
    • Dripulous Merflipulous
    • Eatza Eatza magic pizza, change them back from head to feetza
    • Edgebonoutoosis [1.01]
    • Ex, ex, extra hand, take a stand, give us a hand
    • Fashionista Presto Chango
    • Fancy schmancy, get rid of the Banji
    • (Feet for Hands spell) [1.05]
    • Final Finish
    • Fix the fan, make it right, make it blow with all its might
    • Fly Swat, Now Rot
    • Fortunado Amontillado
    • Frames of figures, step out of your pictures
    • Frizetta Kirby did go into the comic, you should go
    • From down below, this art should show
    • From East to West, this spell's no jest, wherever we roam, send (name) back home
    • From street scene to beach scene
    • From your chin to your toes, an elephant trunk grows [1.13]
    • From A Trish To A Fish
    • Fruity, Pattuti
    • Garbage man, dumpster land, give it a hand to the trashcan
    • Garibay Immobilitay[1.10]
    • Geologize Gemologize
    • Gialsjay Timesday [1.18] [4.27]
    • Give this body hop and make it very weak
    • Give us hair and fur, and big old teeth for sure
    • K-nip-K-nop, hippity-hop, run 26.2 miles then stop
    • Go Through MoThru [4.27]
    • Grapius Purplonia
    • Guineus Pigius
    • H2 Russo
    • Hair frizzy, don't have a tizzy, thin lizzy [3.03]
    • Hairbrainium Exchangium
    • Havity No Gravity
    • Hear these three russo's cry, begon Gorog vaporize
    • Help me travel on my own, I need to get there through this phone
    • Hey nannynanny, hachacha [3.01]
    • Hippity-hop, let go of my top
    • Hit the road, clone, we want to be alone
    • Huminoza Espinoza [1.08]
    • I can't bear to part with this cab that can't drive, do what ever it needs to and bring it alive
    • It May Be Sunny Outside Let Be Snowwy Oustide
    • I wish you and dad had never even met
    • If Baxter loses his job, it will be a pity, let's have snow over half of New York City
    • I'm old enough to hang with actress/model/spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2 [1.09]
    • I'm rubber, you're glue, take her smell and put it on you
    • I'm scared of what might happen next, so take us to the Mondoplex [1.09]
    • In Spanish class i took a nap in, how about a floating caption
    • Into thin air, send this chair
    • It's too late to save this play, but make this fairy go away
    • Invisibility spell
    • Key Largo, Key West, keychain
    • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Disappear. Disappear who? Disappear's to be a door eaten by termites
    • Leg'n'fita runamita
    • Let's go to our new aunt, take us to Paris, Texas [2.13]
    • Levitatus Liquidatus [1.11]
    • Levitatus Miatus
    • Levitatus Lampatus
    • Let's talk about it
    • Liar, liar, pants on fire
    • Lies, Lies, I need a disguise
    • Literarium Tararium
    • Love on the rocks, unpack the boxes
    • Lucha Ba Boom
    • Lucha Ba Boom But Stronger
    • Lucha Ba Boom Mouy Macha's Doom
    • Magic was used to protect the bag, reverse the spell release the hag
    • Magicus Boostus
    • Mailius Spontaneous, (person's name or place) [1.13]
    • Make us old and barely alive, age us up to thirty-five
    • Make these troubles no more, go in through the outdoor
    • Makemyrule-ius moresummerschool-ius
    • Markers, markers, go away, hey
    • McReary-Time Reary [1.02]
    • Misguided directions we shouldn't have taken, hurry up and get us to Berkenson Station
    • Morphus morpherium more fish please, (name)
    • Modern day right away, yippy yee kayay
    • Murrieta-animata [1.10] [1.19]
    • Murrieta-animata Grande [1.19]
    • My inner thoughts of right and wrong, come out come out where you belong [3.03]
    • Mirror mirror on the wall, now it's time to tell us all.
    • Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all.
    • Mortal had been gone, but now...(counter-spell of spell "One wave, two wave, three wave, four, every mortal be no more" but Alex didn't read complely the spell)
    • Not this nor that no copycat
    • Ocean and seas, waves and tides…
    • Old West right away, yippy yee kayay
    • One wave, two wave , three wave, four, every mortal be no more!
    • Pictures of faces return to your places (place) (date)
    • Piggly, Wiggly, Get in the Jiggly
    • Piggly, Wiggly, get out of that Jiggly
    • Please brain, leave brain
    • Publish This Artwork What Alex Has Done Make Her As Famous As The Sun
    • Please don't let Baxter Knight fail, make me some Candied Yam hail
    • Please please, tell me now, is there something i should know, Deranium, Deranius
    • (Popularity spell) [1.15]
    • Posters, posters, on the wall, now its time to tell us all.
    • Posters, posters, that didn't squeal at all, zip it up, stay on this wall [4.27]
    • Pound for Pound, you're a clown
    • Proton, neutron, back to one [4.27]
    • Proton, neutron, get gone [4.27]
    • Put my stomach in a goood mood, make this taste like kid foot
    • Put on a show, let's let Hugh know what it's like to grow
    • Radon Chainon
    • Randomize And Customize!
    • Red skies at night, fix it right
    • Retrieve him,Keburm
    • Rip torn. Rip Taylor. Rip bag
    • Rock, rock, 'til you drop
    • (second name)s, (second name)s, clean the slate, meet again, and change your fate
    • Roley poley, holey moley
    • Roomius Fixus
    • Root beer float, put on a coat
    • Rope through Greenwald's help me now, climb up there and tie a bough
    • Rotten monsters in the city, run awild, what a pity
    • Return my/his spine back to a line
    • Take away all meat and add some snazz, turn this noise into smooth jazz
    • Take away colour and sound, this is where revenge is found
    • Take this girl with the skills of a bench, and turn her into a serving wench [1.04]
    • Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her back the skills of a bench [1.04]
    • Tell some jokes all old and clammy, that make me act all bold and hammy
    • The weight of this mural is too much to shoulder, watch me use the eye of the beholder
    • These guinea pigs are small, dumb, and harry, make them human to find Theresa and Jerry [1.17]
    • This (person/thing) is now not, a (person/thing) should fill its slot [1.17]
    • This guinea pig is a bad dresser, turn him now into my professor [1.17]
    • This group of creatures I divide, come with me and save your hinde
    • This has all been a pain, we want to switch back our brains
    • This is causing too much strife, from the pages come to life
    • This is no longer cute, put his voice on mute
    • This is supposed to be the other way around
    • This that copycat
    • Though a surfboard i may be a mess on, my brother is in need of a lesson
    • Threemetris Movetris
    • Tick-tock, time was stopped, bang the gong, time moves on
    • Tomnunan Kinesis [1.15]
    • Top-Hatticus-Lop-Earitus
    • To A Fish To A Trish
    • Train in vain, go to Spain [3.03]
    • Transfix, transpose, make Harper look like herself including the clothes
    • Transfix, transpose, make Harper look like Juliet from head to toe
    • Transfix, transpose, make Harper look like young Juliet including the clothes
    • Transformius Skateboardius
    • Transportium Nextorbitorium [1.05]
    • Transportation spell
    • Truth truth she used to know, now she becomes the old Russo
    • Turn that pen you're holding into a snake
    • Turn this clever spellcaster, Alex into a puppetmaster
    • Two of him aren't twice as fun, turn these Justins back to one
    • Up, down, up, down, circle, triangle
    • Voicus Rightnoisus
    • We are now small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the genie [1.12]
    • We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the genie [1.12]
    • We need electricity, and a lot, give me 1.21 gigawatts [3.01]
    • We've had enough of all this fear, so hurry up and get us out of here [1.09]
    • What he did
    • What I need right now is the opposite of clean, make me a girl without hygiene
    • When in doubt, inside-out
    • When you're tired of the same old story, turn some pages, (name of transformation)
    • Whip, Whip, Don't Let My Hand Slip
    • Whoever felt it, melt it
    • Whoop whoop
    • Why be alone when you can whip up a Harper clone
    • With this most powerful wand, I bust a hole through the world beyond
    • Without wands or cloaks, you'll all turn into slowpokes
    • You haven't acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability [1.17]
    • Yummy cookies bring lots of cheers, gobble them up and add some years
    • Your on Your own Jerkface - Max assumed this was a spell when Alex made Max clean her room.
    • Your Hair is Frizzy Now Get Dizzy!
    • You May Smile You May Frown But Turn That Head Upsidedown!
    • You Had A Saddy Day Turn It To A Happy Day
    • You Had A Happy Day Turn It To A Saddy Day
    • Zippitus-yer-Trapatus
    • Zippozap zippozee zippozarum
    • Zoobaa, zoobaa, zoobaa, hey sister, go sister, Paris, Texas
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