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First Kiss
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Air Date October 19, 2007
Writer Vince Cheung and
Ben Montanio
Director Joe Regalbuto
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Justin is given several chances to receive his first kiss when Alex repeatedly turns back time. The New York Mets consider Max's sandwich as a contender to become the team's official sandwich.


Alex advises Justin to kiss his gothic girlfriend, Miranda, or else Miranda's going to think she and Justin are nothing but friends. Justin doesn't believe this at first, but Alex proved this to him by asking a boy if he liked Miranda and he ended up asking Miranda to a date at the movies. Justin meets them at the movies followed by Alex, who was and Harper. While Miranda's date plays a video game (with the money Justin gave him to keep him away), Justin tries to kiss Miranda, but fails. Alex soon uses the time-rewinding spell, McReary Time Reary, but Justin has failed to kiss Miranda 16 more times. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa presents a sandwich that Max had created to the New York Mets as their 'sandwich of the year'. But because of Alex's time rewinding spell, the New York Mets said that they were tired of eating it on the first bite, not knowing that time had rewound. Jerry caught Alex when she tried to do the spell for the 18th time. Jerry, at first, wanted Alex and Justin to go home, but changes his mind and allows Alex to perform the spell once more so that Justin is able to have his first kiss. In the end, Alex is asked how her first kiss went by her parents and finds out Alex never had her first kiss. At school, Alex kisses a random boy in front of Justin.


  • Alex uses the rewind spell 17 times.
  • The spell used in the episode is "McReary Time Reary"
  • The UK airdate for this episode was November 3, 2007



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