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Full name



Unnamed Mother
Rinaldi (ancestor)


Alex Russo (crush)

First ep

"Alex Gives Up"

Last ep

"Wizards vs. Everything"

Portrayed by

Frank Pacheco

Felix is a former student in Justin Russo's delinquent class and the most seen out of the other students.

He usually leads the delinquents in cheers, and he helps Alex and Justin out on multiple occasions. Occasionally, he picks up Justin when they are both leaving somewhere. Felix mentions that he finds Alex cute, and flirts with her sometimes. He was the only one to be able to take out the Wand in the Crystal Ball, revealing that he is the long-lost descendant of the great Rinaldi and the owner of the world's most powerful wand. Thanks to Rinaldi's wand, it's likely he will be a very powerful wizard.

Felix caught the Captain Jimbob submarine out of Mason’s mouth.

Felix lives on the same 13th floor with Alex and Harper Finkle in 'Wizards of Apartment 13B'. He loses his wand in 'Get Along, Little Zombie,' and it's revealed that Dexter (who is Gorog in disguise) took it. Gorog convinces Felix to come to the dark side, telling him that he'll be nothing more than a delinquent without his wand, and Felix continues to do his bidding until he is freed.

Felix is portrayed by Frank Pacheco. His full name is never mentioned in the show.