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“Family Game Night”
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date

April 26, 2009


Gigi McCreery
Perry Rein


Bob Koherr

Episode Chronology


Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth


Justin's New Girlfriend

"Family Game Night" is the twentieth episode of season two of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the forty-first of the overall series. It first aired on April 26, 2009.


The Russo's are having a family game night, even though their old game night turned into a disaster when they were playing charades. Justin, however, supports this, hoping to scare off a very clingy girl who he doesn't like. Meanwhile, Alex and Harper get their brains mixed up. So their Mom and Dad know something is up.


Production Notes


  • (Wizard's name and Person's name) Cambia Coporum, Meum Capora, Sua Numinavi — The ability to switch bodies with another person.
    • Note: The wizard needs to switch bodies with the person before sundown, or the two will be trapped in each other's bodies forever. This spell is known for its numerous glitches.
  • Hairbranium Excamchangium — Switches hair between 2 people.
  • After all that's been said, we want to switch back our heads — Switches hair back, but switches voices.
  • Voicius Rightnoisius — Switches back voices.
  • This has all been a pain, now we want to switch back our brains — Switches Brains/Bodies. (Though when used, it actually merged Alex and Harper's brains together in Alex's body.)
  • Please brain, leave brain — Gives other person's brain back.


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