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""Monster Hunter""

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""Monster Hunter""

The Fakeahorseus is the first monster Justin caught when he was a monster hunter for his independent study. The Fakeahorseus was seen in the episode Monster Hunter.


A Fakeahorseus is a cowardly monster whose only tools for survival are sarcasm and complaining.

Jerry and Justin laughed when they read the description of the Fakeahorseus because its personality resembled? Alex's.


A Fakeahorseus's appearance is very much like a horse's appearance. He is brown with big black hooves on his feet and smaller hooves for hands. It has an angry expression on its face. His nostrils curl and the top and his lips open are revealing his yellowish teeth. His eyes are red, probably from not blinking, and on top of them bushy dark brown eyebrows. He has big ears the sit straight up on top of his large head. He has a mane, the same color as his eyebrows, that runs down his bulky neck and back and passes his waist. On his head starting from his nose all the way down to his waist in the back of his body, his fur is slightly lighter than the fur on the rest of his body. He was shown to be wearing a pink wrist watch and strips black leather holding something in bottles.