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Flutter laughing at Harper

Fairies are magical creatures with butterflies wings that resemble human beings. They live in the Wizard World along with the rest of the magical community and are best known for their roles in fairy tales.


Fairies lived on Earth along with other supernatural beings and shared the world with mortal humans. However human fear of magic led fairies to hide along with the rest of the magical community. They usually work as helpers on the Wizard World and despite being regarded as nothing more than a legend by most humans, their cultural impact still survives to modern day.


Fairies are bipedal beings with two arms and legs who can walk vertically. Not much is known about their intelligence. They look mostly human except for their butterfly-like wings.

Powers and Abilities

Role in Fairy Tales

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Fairies are better known for their role as magic users in human cultural movement known as Fairy Tales. In these tales, they help the protagonist face his/her challenges either by granting what they need, such as a balldress or magical weapons.