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Character Information
Full Name Enchanting
Trigger wave of wand or of the users' hand
Effect bestows an object with magical powers
Category Wizarding
User Wizards, Mummy, elves

"Diramium Duranius..." Alex, Night at the Lazerema

Enchantments are spells that bestow magical powers to objects or individuals. Enchanted objects are very common in the universe of Wizards of Waverly Place. The wands which the Wizards use to cast spells are themselves enchanted to receive magic from the Wizard Power Plant.

Enchanted objects are used for many things, such as transport, seeing things that are far way, unlock a magical door, give powers to objects, manipulate the feelings of people, create boards to education and many other things.

List of Enchantments

  • A party I must attend on that we can't agree, but for refreshing change, today you'll side with me- enchants a person to agree with everything for six hours.
  • Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind- enchants a person or various people so they will speak their thoughts.
  • Please please, tell me now, is there something I should know, Duranium, Duranius- enchants a picture frame so people can see "something they should know".
  • Emotion Potions- magical brewages that if drink by two people will enchant them to act according to the potions' recipe, like hate each other. If a single person drinks the whole potion the enchantment will only affect them, with unpredictable side effects.

List of Enchanted Objects

There are many objects with their own magical powers. Here are listed some of the most powerful ones.

Moral Compass

Main article: Moral Compass

Good and evil.jpg

The Moral Compass is an instrument that can be used to manipulate good and evil in all worlds in the whole universe. The Moral Compass is of great importance to Angels, as if the compass is in either good or evil, it will determine which side is the most powerful.


Main article: Wand

Wands are magical tools which Wizards use to channel magic to power their abilities. Most wands are sticks made of wood, whose peak glows when magic is being used. Wands are enchanted so they will channel the magic coming from the Wizard Power Plant (WPP). If the WPP is plunged off, wands no longer channel magic and Wizards' powers are left without "fuel".

Magic Carpet

Main article: Magic Carpet

Magic Carpets are enchanted carpets that possess the power of flying at great speed. Magic Carpets seems to have been a very popular way of transportation before Wizards learned to teleport. Currently, Magic Carpets are rare and unique ways of transportation.

Stone of Dreams

Main article: Stone of Dreams

The Stone of Dreams is a very powerful magical artifact that possesses the power of reality warping and wish granting, allowing it to grant any wish or reverse any spell. Because of its power, the stone was hidden away in an enchanted cavern which negates magical powers. The Stone also seems to have the power of empathy.

Superhero Costume

Main article: Superhero

Though ordinary, if a Wizard teleports away while wearing a superhero costume it will enchant it, bestowing it with that superhero powers and abilities, include flight, superstrength, repetition and throw fire through the eyes.