trigger concentration or magic arrow
user Cupid, Guardian Angels
effect manipulate or interpret human emotions

Empathy is the power to feel someone's emotions. A very powerful skill that few magical creatures posses, such as Guardian Angels or Cupid.


Empaths can use this ability to:

  • Learn a person's worry and of what or whom they are worried about;
  • Manipulate feelings either directly (through magic) or indirectly (by understanding the basics of that feeling);


Cupid's visit to the Russos

When Theresa gets angry for the Russo siblings destroying yet again her favorite lamp Alex uses her wizardry to conjure up Cupid from the depths of the Wizard World. She plans to use Cupid's love arrow to make her mother fall in love with her father again. Justin says that this is a bad idea but Alex ignores him until Max breaks Cupid's love arrow. Because Cupid only has one love arrow he loses all his mystical powers and remains stuck on Earth.

When Theresa sees the baby she asks where it came from and Alex lies saying it's part of a school project dealing with home economics. Later at school Alex attempts to get into home economics, which is taught by Professor Laritate, but she's kicked out. Max finally makes it to fix the arrow and gives it to Cupid who fires it at Theresa. Unfortunately, it hits a random woman who falls in love with Jerry. As Alex scorns the Greek god Theresa becomes aware of some woman flirting with her husband and tells her off. Cupid explains that envy is most times better than love.

Later in order to send Cupid away, Theresa hits herself with the love arrow, enabling Cupid to teleport back to the Wizard World. Unfortunately, the love effect vanishes once Max purposely breaks Theresa's favorite lamp yet again.

Alex encounter with Tina, Guardian Angel in training

When Alex noticed how Justin's morality started to change, she asked her father for help. Jerry explained that she needed to ask Guardian Angels for help. Alex says that the entrances to the angelic world are hidden but Jerry says that these entrances are always close to angel-related locations.

Alex goes searching through New York City until she reaches a back alley of an Angel Food factory and starts knocking on the wall in hopes of finding the secret door. Then Tina cames around asking if she's looking for something causing Alex to give a lame excuse. Tina says that she's worried about someone and that someone is her brother. When the wizard in training asks who she is Tina explains that she's sensing her feelings.


  • This power is often confused with Telepathy, which is the ability to read human thoughts.
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