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Elemental Manipulation
Elemental magic.jpg
trigger Wave of wand
user Wizards and Mother Nature
effect Summon up the four classic elements of earth, fire, air and water

Elemental Manipulation is a branch of magic and spells that, like it suggests, involves the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is the only type of magic Wizards could use during the Wizard Competition. [1]

Elemental Spellcraft

Contrary to the RPGs' Mages, Elemental Magic is more on the lines to slow down and hinder an adversary other than really inflicting damage upon the enemy. Much like spells in the series, the spells are quite flashy. The types are:


In Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie water is one of the four main elements that can be used in the wizard competition. One instance wherein water spells were used during the movie is where Alex used a water spell to hose down a wall of fire used by Justin and then using the water to levitate herself and move towards the orb of magic.


Like water, it is one of the four elements used within the Wizard competition. An example is when Justin and Alex were in combat to become full wizards. Justin shot a spell towards Alex to conjure a wall of fire, which temporarily blocked Alex before she got rid of it.


Earth spells, much like water and fire, is one of the four elements used in the Wizard Competition. Compared to the last two, The earth spell is quite simple but can mean trouble in a few ways. One type of spell used in the movie was Alex's Mud Puddle spell that she used to trip and slow Justin down as she used her water spell to hose down a fire wall. A variation of this spell was used on Alex to turn her into a melting puddle. Alex, however, used this to her advantage to blend in within the earth to teleport towards the orb in the form of a flower.


The last of the four elements used within the wizard competition. Much like earth, Air spells are mostly for distractions. Air mostly involve weather spells, like making a huge gust of wind to blow away the orb of power. They can also use these types of spells to create a rain cloud with lightning to stop an opponent in their tracks.