Dragons are magical beasts that live in the Wizard World. Dragons are mysterious and powerful, and their magic are used to fuel the Wizard Power Plant, which is what enables Wizards' wandstooperatein all dimensions.


A dragon enchanted to look like a dog


Dragons, like the rest of the magical community, once lived on Earth along with humanity. But as human fear of magic grew, magical creatures retreated and eventually went into hiding. Dragons were taken into the Wizard World where they are used for many tasks.


Dragons' biology is largely unknown due to have never actually appeared in the series (in their true form). However what it's known is that they have glowing eyes. Also they can suffer from Common Cold .

Powers and Abilities

Because dragons never appeared in their true form, the true scope of their powers are unknown though it's known that they posses:

  • Elementalkinesis: the ability to control elemental forces, more specifically fire.
  • Flight: ability to defy gravity and propel itself through the air.


  • Wizard's Powers: Dragons are vulnerable to spellcasting, as Dragon was turned into a dog (thought it retained it's powers).

Role on Wizard society

Dragons best known role in wizarding society is that they are (more likely their magical fire is) the fuel of the Wizard Power Plant, a structure that enables wands to operate. Dragons can also be used to keep buildings warm, such as the dragon that kept the Hidden 13th Floor warm. They are also sometimes bred to create 'mini-dragons' that Wizards can adopt as pets.


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