Dr. Evilini
Dr Evilini
Full name

Dr. Mary Beth Evilini


Unnamed mom

First ep

"Wizard School Part 1"

Last ep

"Wizard School Part 2"

Portrayed by

Octavia Spencer

Dr. Mary Beth Evilini is an evil Wizard and former professor at the Wiz Tech. She planned to take the winner of a competition of the Twelve Balls to a volcano and steal their powers for her own.


Mary Beth only appeared in the 2 Part episode of "Wizard School." Like most teachers at Tribeca Prep, she adores Justin for his hard-working and achieving behavior, but abhors Alex because of her slacking kind. At the end of Part 1 when she punishes Alex with the Discipline Bucket, she is overheard about her plan to drain Justin's power at Volcano Land for herself. During Part 2, Alex tricks Mary Beth into going with her plan to drain Justin's power to become the family wizard after being caught of eavesdropping in on the plan. Alex was able to get Mary Beth to agree with her. In the end, however (as well as her last appearance), her plan is exposed in front of the audience of the 12 Ball Tournament when Alex casts the Truth Spell on her, having her arrested and fired from Wiz Tech.


Being sufficiently qualified to teach in the Wiz Tech, Evilini has great knowledge of magic. She was able to lock Alex in a cage without using a spell and use the No-Quit Spell to force Justin to participate in the competition of the Twelve balls. She has a lightning zap every time she uses magic.


Dr. Evillini with an elephant trunk after Alex used magic on her

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