Dexter Quesenberry
Full name

Dexter Quesenberry




Apartment 13B





First ep

"Apartment 13B"

Last ep

"wizards vs everything"

Portrayed by

Fred Stoller

Dexter Quesenberry is a disguise Gorog uses in the Wizards of Apartment 13B saga. He is the manager of Alex Russo and Harper Finkle's apartment building which they find by finding a flyer that flew into the substation. Gorog was once defeated by Alex, so he needed a disguise to get close to her.

Dexter's Life

Dexter's childhood is unknown but it was pretty obvious it might all that great because in part 4 of the 4 part saga Alex says she thought he still lived with his mom. Dexter also seems unhappy a little more than half the time and seems kind of shy and quiet and seems to always look down at the floor as if he's unhappy. Dexter is also is happy some like when he met Alex and Harper and said hello to them. Dexter likes to have fun and party because win the first episode he tells Alex and Harper that they should have invited him to their party because he's always the life of the party and likes to do the dance move Dougy. Dexter is the manager of the 13th floor available to wizards only. He also says he has to make plans for a haunted house after Alex says he's planning one to cover up the secret of the 13th floor when it is discovered by humans. Dexter seems to be busy because of the way he says this as though he doesn't have time to plan a Haunted House. Lastly, Dexter is most likely not married based on when Alex says she thought he lives with his mom. Dexter also always seems kind of lonely for the entire 4 part saga. Dexter is portrayed by Fred Stoller (Everybody Loves Raymond) Dexter is 6'1 and 165 pounds. He is a lot taller than most of the other characters in Wizards of Waverly Place but he is also very thin.


Alex, Justin, and Max used their power to defeat Dexter (Gorog).

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