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“Detention Election”
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Season 3, Episode 11
Air date

March 19, 2010


Gigi McCreery
Perry Rein


Bob Koherr

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Dude Looks Like Shakira

"Detention Election" is the eleventh episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the sixty-third of the overall series. It first aired on March 19, 2010.


Justin is running for president against Zeke and they promise to vote for each other. Meanwhile, Alex runs for Speaker of the Assembly for her own personal reasons. Alex gets detention on a Saturday when Jerry, Max, and Harper are going to Coney Island where Alex was banned from for bad things. However, Mr. Laritate comes to get Justin for detention. He assumes that Justin vandalized his office with "Vote for Justin" posters. Alex then gets Harper to help her prove Justin's innocent but the posters will not say anything except "She promised to vote for me." It is later revealed that Stevie was the one who pulled the prank. As a result of that, she gets detention for three Saturdays.


  • Posters, Posters on the wall, now it's time to tell us all — Make posters able to talk.
  • Posters, Posters that didn't squeal at all, zip it up, stay on this wall — Stop the posters from talking.


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  • After Mr. Laritate put on that sticker on Alex's hand, it's there the first shot of it, but in the next shot of Alex frozen, it's on Mr. Laritate's chest.


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