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“Delinquent Justin”
Season 3, Episode 21
Air date

July 16, 2010


Justin Varava


Mary Lou Belli

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Alex Russo, Matchmaker?


Captain Jim Bob Sherwood

"Delinquent Justin" is the twenty-first episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the seventy-third of the overall series. It first aired on July 16, 2010.


When Justin is about to graduate, Alex tells Justin that she made a duplicate Justin and sent him to college four years ago. The college Justin, however, has turned his back on studying and grades, wanting to live a more down-to-earth life. Alex fuses the two into one being, but the college Justin's mind takes dominance over Justin's body, leaving Alex to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa try to be better parents.


Justin is graduating from high school, and as a graduation gift Alex reveals that she duplicated Justin and sent him off to college so that Justin wouldn't have to go. At first Justin is angry, but then he begins warming up to the idea. But when the duplicate comes back to Waverly Place so Alex can merge the two together, he is revealed to be a laid back hippie who has no sense of responsibility. After Alex merges the two Justins together, Justin doesn't only get the duplicate's knowledge but his personality as well. Justin decides to give a valedictorian speech at his graduation ceremony persuading students that grades shouldn't matter and that they should give up on academic endeavors. In order to rectify her mistake, Alex tries reverting Justin's mind and personality back to original, but accidentally causes him to regress into a pre-schooler.

At the end, Alex reveals that she only did it because she didn't want Justin to go away to college, due to her fear that she wouldn't have anyone to fight with. Justin tells her that he forgives her and that they've had a lot of good fights with plenty more to come, a sentiment Alex echoes. Theresa then tells the two to admit their love to one another, only for the two to vehemently protest. Justin then tells everyone that he is considering focusing straight on medical school instead.


  • Two of him aren't twice as fun, turn these (insert name) back to one - fuses a person and their duplicate clone back into one
  • Brains, brains go away, back before the college days - reverts brain function and knowledge to a younger state
  • Retrievum Cerebrum- restores an individual's initial brain settings, personality, and memories


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  • It is revealed that the last time Alex had a surprise it caused Theresa to lose her eyebrows.
  • Jake T Austin was absent in this episode.