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“Daddy's Little Girl”
Daddy's little girl.jpg
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date

January 21, 2011


Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein


Robbie Countryman

Episode Chronology


Three Maxes and a Little Lady


Everything's Rosie for Justin

"Alex, I think you're being replaced as Daddy's little girl."
"Please. I am Daddy's little girl. That is Daddy's little freak.
Alex and Harper

"Daddy's Little Girl" is the sixth episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the eighty-seventh of the overall series. It first aired on January 21, 2011.


Alex becomes jealous of all the attention her parents give Maxine, who is really an artifical being who was created in "Three Maxes and a Little Lady". Meanwhile, Zeke wonders who Maxine is. In order to prevent him from discovering the truth, Harper lies to Zeke, telling him that the Russo's hate him and thus he is no longer welcome in the Sub Station. Alex and Justin decide to repeat the spell in reverse to undo Maxine's existence and head to Max's karate dojo to try it, but it only makes her more kawaii, which makes her furious. Maxine then tells her sensei that for her next match she would like to fight either Justin or Alex, and Alex pushes Justin on to the mat. Justin claims that he does not hit girls and is nearly knocked out until Alex uses the fly swatter spell on him, allowing him to defeat Maxine. The sensei and the crowd chastise him for defeating a girl and Justin flees. As Jerry and Theresa rush to Maxine's side, Alex mutters to Jerry that she's glad his little girl is okay and leaves.

As Alex watches television at home, Jerry consoles her with pancakes and tells her that she will always be his little girl and that Maxine just reminds him of Alex at a younger age. Meanwhile, Alex and the other Russo's convince Zeke that they don't hate him anymore due to the annoying song that he sang for her, and persuades him to sing it for Maxine.


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  • Lanny Joon as Sensei


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