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*[[Guest Stars#Taylor Negron|Taylor Negron]]: Dragon Seller
*[[Guest Stars#Taylor Negron|Taylor Negron]]: Dragon Seller
*[[Guest Stars#Brooks McBeth|Brooks McBeth]]: Customer#1
*[[Guest Stars#Brooks McBeth|Brooks McBeth]]: Customer#1
*Stacey Padron< 3 as herself

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Curb Your Dragon
Season 1, Episode 08
Air Date November 30, 2007
Writer Bob Berlinger
Director Gigi McCreery, Perry Rein
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Alex buys Justin an enchanted dragon disguised as a Beagle, because she felt bad she had lost his other dog, Willie.


Alex gets Justin a new dog which is actually a dragon which she got from the World Wide Wiz Web. Only Alex, Max and Justin knew that it is a dragon. Alex lies about the dog to her parents telling them that she found it wandering alone in Waverly Place. To make sure that her plan is working just fine, she put up fliers that she has found a dog. But the dragon seller, from whom she bought the dragon from, claimed the dog and cheating the trio. Alex retrieves the dog back from the dragon seller, after changing Max into a dog to get in, and outdumbing him as the dragon seller actually took a real dog.


  • Although they got to keep Dragon he does not appear in any other episodes.
  • Although, it was mentioned in Max's Secret Girlfriend.
  • The title is either a parody of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or the "Curb Your Dog" street signs.


  • Animoza Espinoza-The ability to transform the wizard into any animal.
  • Huminoza Espinoza-The ability to transform the wizard previously transformed into an animal back into a human.



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