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“Credit Check”
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date

July 6, 2008


Todd J. Greenwald


Fred Savage

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"Credit Check" is the 18th episode of season one of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the 18th of the overall series. It first aired on July 6, 2008.


After Alex doesn't get credit for an idea on a sandwich she came up with, she takes on an internship with a top Fashion Magazine and decides to put on an outrageous fashion show featuring Harper's bizarre wear to teach her boss a lesson for taking credit for her ideas.

Jerry and Theresa hire a new girl, Millie, at the Sub Station that Justin immediately falls in love with so Max tries to help. Eventually, Millie decides to go to a concert and asks Justin to come to her apartment. He does, but it turns out she has a boyfriend, and Justin is there to babysit her cousin, Benji. Justin instead bonds with Benji over action figures.


Freeze Frame spell

  • Incantation: Gilesjay Timesday
  • Description: Freezes time (except for the user) until the user stops hopping on one foot.

Production Notes


  • Running gag: When Justin's embarrassing himself in front of Millie, Theresa says, "I was two away from all girls." This is similar to when Jerry said, "I was one away from all boys" in "New Employee".
  • Tears of Blood is mentioned again as Justin's favorite band.
  • Inconsistency: Millie begins working at the Waverly Sub Station, but is not seen or mentioned in future episodes.
  • We learn that Harper has rewired her brain so that insults come across as compliments.
  • Alex mentions that she doesn't drink coffee.
  • Max reveals that Justin showers in his underwear in gym class.


  • When Justin uses the Freeze Frame spell in the beginning, Max freezes with his right hand around his stomach. However, in the next scene he has moved his right hand significantly and it's now positioned on his face.
  • At the fashion show, Alex performs the Freeze Frame spell in plain sight in front of one of the models, and anyone else who happened to be watching her. She doesn't perform any spell to erase anyone's memory.
  • When Alex performs the Freeze Frame spell, as she hops on one foot one of the models folds her hand to avoid Alex bumping into her.


  • This was the last episode filmed for the season, but was the 18th to air.
  • The "Fashion Fatale" magazine office is a parody of The Devil Wears Prada.


Main Cast

Guest starring


  • Gavin Houston as Paul
  • Kristen Caldwell as Assistant
  • Brian Elerding as Jack
  • David Gore as Benji
  • Natalie Nardone as Eve
  • Joseph Porter as Matthew


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