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Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki
trigger Movement of wand along with a spell
user Wizards
effect create a copy of the target

Cloning is the power that allows the user to create an exact duplicate of object and people, including any extra powers that the original person/object might have. The duplicate is seemingly independent, but everything done to it will affect the original person/object. One can tap into this power through a spell.

The Spell

Thought Cloning is a power, it only appeared in the series as a spell. This spell has a lot of side effects, such as the fact that if the duplicate is damaged the original will also. This means that if a clone of a living person is killed, the original will also be killed.

However, in Wizards Exposed, Alex created various clones of her and her family but they seemed to not suffer the side effect. This might mean that if the Wizard is powerful enough, the side effects might be overcomed.


Alex and her clone