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Cindy van Heusen (Anne Ramsay) are Juliet's full vampire parents and the owners of the competing sandwich shop on Waverly Place, the Late Nite Bite, appearing in the four-part "Wizards vs. Vampires On Waverly Place" story arc at the end of season two.

At first, they are opposed to the relationship between Juliet and Justin, but they eventually allow them to date each other. They didn't appear in the last 2 four-part episodes. They also called Alex "Oprah" in "Wizards vs. vampires on Waverly place" making every customer at "The late night bite" turn their heads to only see her.

Alucard loves to scare people, although he is not very good at it. He often "unleashes his wrath," and, as Cindy puts it, if his victims don't appear scared, she "has to hear about it all night." Although they have been mentioned numerous times throughout the series (especially when Juliet is around) they are never seen in more than those two episodes.

It is unknown if they will appear again, or if they know of their daughter's recent enslavement at the hands of a mummy. Also it is unknown if they know that Juliet loses her immortality in Wizards vs. Werewolves. Running Gag: Alucard acts very mysterious like a stereotypical vampire while Cindy acts like a normal woman. Also of note the name Alucard is the reverse spelling of Dracula