Stone of dreams.jpg
trigger Spells or Magical Objects
user Alex with Stone of Dreams
effect Travel through and Manipulate Time.

Chronokinesis is the Power to travel between and manipulate time. This power is incredibly powerful and has only been used once on the shows original movie.


Magical Beings such as Wizards and Fairies could use the ability to:


It is not known if a Magical being has manipulated or traveled through time but there has been one account.

Alex Russo went on an adventure to find The Stone Of Dreams and use it to revert Alex's accidentally spell in which created a alternate reality where Alex's parents never met. Upon getting the stone of dreams it was stolen by Giselle (as a Parrot) and so Alex and Justin started a competition with Jerry Russo to let one of the sibling become the family wizard and reverse the Alternate Universe, upon Alex winning she didn't know what to do and time catched up with Justin as he was never born yet due to the alternate reality.

When Alex was worrying fortunately Theresa Russo came by with the Stone of Dreams and gave it to Alex, Then Alex wished with the stone "For everything to be back the way it was" in which caused time to revert back to the moment before she casted the Spell.

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