Cerebellum Erausus

Cerebellum Erasus
Simplify your mind, leave that thought behind


Erases all recent memories of the people around the user along with the user.


Do what you say, say what you mean, one thing leads to another, remember

First mention

"The Supernatural"

Cerebellum Erasus, also known as the "Amnesia spell", is a spell used to erases the memories of people. In Spanish the spell is "Cerebellim Anulasis".


Justin used this spell in season one episode "The Supernatural" to erase the memories of all in the game baseball as they witnessed Alex and Justin using their powers. However, also own memories of Justin, Alex and Jerry were deleted.

Stevie uses a similar spell in "Eat to the Beat" to make Harper forget that she is a wizard. This spell will only erase the memory of Harper until Alex returns her memories in the next episode.