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Elijah aka The Rock
This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total.
*['''+'''] Antagonists
*['''+'''] Russo Family
*['''+'''] Teachers at WizTech
*['''+'''] Teens
*['''+'''] Wizards (2)
==Pages in category "Characters"==
The following 39 pages are in this category, out of 39 total.
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*[[Alex Russo]]
*[[Alucard Van Huesen]]
*[[Cindy Van Huesen]]
*[[Dean Moriarti]]
*[[Dr. Evilini]]
*[[Frankie Stein]]
*[[Gigi Hollingsworth]]
*[[Harper Finkle]]
*[[Hugh Normous]]
*[[Jenny Majorheely]]
*[[Jerko Phoenix]]
*[[Jerry Russo]]
*[[Juliet Van Heuson]]
*[[Justin Russo]]
*[[Kelbo Russo]]
*[[Mr. Laritate]]
*[[Magdalena Larkin]]
*[[Mason Grabeck]]
*[[Max Russo]]
*[[Megan Russo]]
*[[Messenger Fish]]
*[[Monotone Woman]]
===M cont.===
*[[Nellie Rodriguez]]
*[[Other immortal characters]]
*[[Professor Crumbs]]
*[[Ronald Longcape Jr.]]
*[[Russo Family]]
*[[Stevie Nichols]]
*[[T.J. Taylor]]
*[[Theresa Larkin]]
*[[The wannabes]]
*[[Zeke Beakerman]]
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