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“Captain Jim Bob Sherwood”
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Season 3, Episode 22
Air date

July 23, 2010


Richard Goodman


Jean Sagal

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Delinquent Justin


Wizards vs. Finkles

"Captain Jim Bob Sherwood" is the twenty-second episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the seventy-fourth of the overall series. It first aired on July 23, 2010.


The episode begins with Justin receiving a letter that he won a contest to be the next writer of the Captain Jim Bob Sherwood comic books, but then Alex receives an e-mail that she also won the contest, becoming the comic book artist. Jerry congratulates his children until Theresa warns him of the problems that are unleashed when Alex and Justin work together, like a black hole in the sub station

Justin and Alex begin to argue how the best way to make the comic book storyline: keep the traditional storyline of a crime-fighter rancher or embrace a modern fast food-eater who fights against a fire breathing bear. They ask Harper for help, but she refuses to argue with someone who can turn her into a mermaid. Alex then says that magic is the thing that they need and uses a spell that brings the comic book character into the real world. However he also refuses to stand in the crossfire but gets fascinated by the concept of a taco, which Justin says can be found in every corner of New York City.

The captain gets loose in New York and the siblings decide to reproduce a crime in the Sub Station. Harper reproduces the costume of Jim Bob's girlfriend Jessica Moon and Alex uses magic to turn herself and Justin into comic book villains. The captain comes to rescue his lover but finds out the Russo trickery. However he willingly decides to return to his comic book because of New York violence.

The two siblings are then willing to work together and they make a new comic book that's a complete success. Unfortunately, the critics think that Justin is a girl.


  • This is causing too much strife, from the pages, come to life - animates an inanimate object from books or paper
  • Frizetta kerby; into the comic, you should go - returns a comic book creation back to their source material


Main Cast

Guest Starring

  • John O'Hurley as Captain Jim Bob Sherwood


  • Justin is shown to be bad at drawing in this episode, but he could draw well in the prior episode "Wizard For A Day".
  • In a previous episode “Wizard For A Day”, Max recycles the same cat every year as a birthday for Jerry, who doesn’t notice it is the same cat. When Alex and Justin are coming up with ideas for Captain Jimbob Sherwood Comic, it can be seen in the background that there are two cats on the shelf instead of just one.


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