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*"[[New Employee]]"
*"[[New Employee]]"[First and Final Apperance]

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Full name



Student, football player


Tribeca Prep football team

First ep

"New Employee"

Last ep

"New Employee"

Portrayed by

Chad Broskey

Brian was a student at Tribeca Prep during season one of Wizards of Waverly Place. He's not very intelligent, as it's made know that he is failing World History and Geometry. However, he is being recruited by Canadian football. He is portrayed by Chad Broskey.


In "New Employee", Brian is in the same World History class as Justin. He follows Justin after class to congratulate him on his score on the exam, and to return the sweater he forgot in class. Brian asks Justin to tutor him because he only got one right on the test, his name. Justin's reluctant until Brian offers him two tickets to the Tears of Blood concert. Then, in order to cover up the real reason Brian was talking to Justin, he tells Justin that if anyone asks, to say he was all over him for talking to his girlfriend.

Later in the episode, he is seen among a group of jocks studying at The Brain Train, Justin's study group that he hosts at the Waverly Sub Station. He becomes a part of the "Underachievers", which is made up of himself, and two other jocks that help Justin deals with Frankie. Later while chasing Frankie, he goes to the washroom and uninterionally finds Frankie's hiding spot, then ends up chasing him out of the Gurt Barn.


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