Brad Sherwood
Full name

Bradley Sherwood



First ep

"Potion Commotion"

Last ep

"Potion Commotion"

Portrayed by

Shane Lyons

Bradley "Brad" Sherwood is a student at Tribeca Prep. He is seen in "Potion Commotion" competing against Justin to be the World Summit delegate. Brad believes "it's always about the schmoozing". He is portrayed by Shane Lyons.


Brad is introduced as Justin's rival, and a potential love interest for Alex. He is seen at the Waverly Sub Station helping out Theresa with a heavy box. Alex used to be interested in him, but he did not seem to reciprocate the feeling.

Brad happens to be outside Waverly Sub Station when Max removes the hat that is regulating his powers, and he notices that it starts snowing inside. He confronts Justin, Alex, and Max about it, and reluctantly accepts their story that it was just bad dandruff.


Brad with Mr. Laritate and Justin

The following day, Alex tries to get Brad to drink the other half of a love potion. However, she accidentally drinks both halves of the potion, and falls in love with herself.

The next evening, Brad comes over to the Russo's home with chocolates for Alex. It just happens to be the same night of Justin's interview for the World Summit. Despite Brad's attempts, Mr. Laritate is impressed by Justin's home interview, and Justin gets the World Summit delegate position. Brad is outraged because he's never lost anything.

Alex realizes that Brad only came over to sabotage Justin's interview. She breaks up with him, even though they were only dating in her head. Afterwards, Brad attempts to ask out Alex on a real date since he'll be free on Saturday, but she turns him down.

Brad suspects that there's something weird about the Russos and vows to find out what it is. However, he is never seen or mentioned again.



  • Brad claims to read to senior citizens and coach inner city kids after school.
  • Brad says he has never lost anything up until he loses the World Summit delegate spot to Justin.
  • It has been stated that Brad and Gigi once dated. [?]
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