• Sonnywithachancefan101


    May 7, 2020 by Sonnywithachancefan101
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  • Ghostking12

    He resented Alex for Dragon being stolen.

    He and Max blamed Alex because their aunt refused to recompete against their father and brother (who themselves refused to apologize to get her onboard)

    In the Finale, while they are somewhat right to blame Alex for them loosing their powers. It was entirely their fault Jerry was going to shut down the resterant while Alex was just trying to get orders right.


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  • Aristo 580

    Wizards of Warna Walk

    September 13, 2019 by Aristo 580

    There's a new show on Disney Channel Asia called Wizards of Warna Walk. Might wanna add some edit about it

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  • Leannholsclaw

    We need the Disney+ Original show the Wizards of Waverly Place

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  • Loco123456

    Hello everybody,

    A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

    Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

    Link to petition:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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  • Wizzykilif

    Hey y'all i just like to say i love wowp, its honesly my fav show ive ever sawn. id give it a thumb, also like and subsribel.

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  • Paralie Marquena

    Just imagine...

    2032... 38 year old Jake Austin, 40 year old Selena Gomez and 43 year old David Henrie, 65 year old David Deluise and 66 year old Maria...where they are now as adult wizards and aging post-wizards.  Are Mason and Alex still together?  Is Max still a childish idiot?  Has Justin gotten over all his new hangups to be the better wizard he was purported to become?  Did Theresa and Jerry have another baby later in life?  Sub shop still there?  It would be an interesting mini-parter!

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I'm Scott Stephen Jones and I'm so excited to be here. Wizards of Waverly Place has been my favorite show since 2007 and I still watch it. Can't wait to start editing! 

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  • Wyatt0528

    The reversal spell for the In Through the Out Door spell is (name) always wrecks it, make this door an exit.

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  • KrystalAnn


    January 10, 2016 by KrystalAnn

    Hi Wizard of Waverly Place Fan I very meet you

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  • Pikachu9099

    Hey There!

    December 24, 2015 by Pikachu9099

    Hey, Guys! I'm Pikachu9099, and I'm glad to be another member of Wizards of Wavlerly Place Wiki! If you guys have any tips, feel free to put them on my message board. I'm happy to be a part of this community!

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  • Cruff

    Who is your favorite Wizard(s)

    November 30, 2015 by Cruff

    Who's your favorite Wizard. A Russo, a Magic Creature, whatever.

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  • Sevvalmurat

    sevval selena

    June 20, 2015 by Sevvalmurat

    selenatorsss ılove you selenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Spy12

    wizards of waverly place

    February 17, 2015 by Spy12


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  • WizardJeremy

    Wizard Competition

    December 1, 2014 by WizardJeremy

    I was thinking after watching The Good, The Bad and the Alex and the whole Wizard Competition and one wizard keeps their powers.

    I realised alot of people hated the idea one wizard keeps their power, as well as i do hate its so restricting but at the same time i know why would they do that for multiple reasons.

    • Evil Wizards
      • Just in case theres a family of multiple Siblings and one of the wizard is evil they could take away their powers, sometimes before the Wizard competition
      • Even if theres a evil wizard in which wins, in order to win they have to be great at magic and use it wisely, even after the competition they have to make a commitment to keep magic good.
    • Strongest
      • The strongest sibling at magic, meaning if they're good at spells, potions a…
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  • Montsmatt

    Matthew Russo's blog

    November 29, 2013 by Montsmatt

    Hey, my name is Matthew I love wizards of waverly place.

    My favortite wizard is Alex Russo, I realy admire her she's own of the best wizards that I know, I meen she's the family wizard, if I had the movie Alex vs Alex I could be watching it the whola year seriosly she's the best                                                                                                    

    See she is the best, her cloth her way to be but most her wizardry

    Justin, is now the head master of wiztech now he is Profesor Russo, he is realy smart he has a girlfriend named Juliet Van heusen she's a vampire 

    well that all for to day I got to do homework

    it's time for me to flash out

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  • WesLuvsBTR

    I started watching Wizards Of Waverly Place since it came out, not kidding about this i was in Ninth Grade when it came on and ended the Spring after the aring of Harpella and begain durring my High School Days and even though i grew up watching Selena Gomez Practily ALL my life i loved her since the Barney Days !!! Thanks 

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  • Selenalover21

    Just got done watching wizards of waverly place season 5. Iv always wondered what its like to be a wizard. I really wish i was. I am a huge fan of the show.

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  • Lenaralb7


    August 6, 2013 by Lenaralb7

    hi everyone

     its so great for everyone to be online and make friends and i am new here so i still need lots of friends to tell me whats going in wikia, and i hope everyone is having a great time on wikia!

    i want to learn a few things that will be useful in all the contributions and other activities going on wikia!

    Have fun

    names time
    lenny 10:44
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  • Jellyfish$13


    July 16, 2013 by Jellyfish$13

    yes im going to middle school i love going shopping for supplies to e it so fun

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  • Jellyfish$13

    did you know ?

    July 15, 2013 by Jellyfish$13

    did you guys know selena gomez who plays alex russo was named after the famous talented and beautiful mexican american singer selena who pasted away at 23 years old also the day before her birthday.   

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  • Jellyfish$13

    im so excited to have this blog its so fun im not allowed to have facebook or instagram so here is something for me to do im also excited to be going in to junior high!

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  • Jellyfish$13

    good bye wizards

    July 15, 2013 by Jellyfish$13

    omg i miss watching wizards of waverly place when the wizards return came on i thought the show was officially back on they tricked me

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  • Jellyfish$13


    July 15, 2013 by Jellyfish$13

    wizards of waverly place has been my favorite show since its started well other than kim possible and that so raven

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  • Aaron shiell

    I thought that episode was amazing ive never seen anything like it ive printed out all the spells i have 79 posters and 61 photo's WOW i love this show ive got tickets to selena gomez concert in Londen

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  • Im a wizard123

    Everybody calm down about wizards wand come to the carboot and you will find one

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  • JAMNZ2003

    Who has seen the last Wizards of Waverly Place show? Well, if you have you will know that Alex Russo ,Selena Gomez, had won. But it did not start like that. Everyone saw Justin Russo ,David Henrie, get out of the Tunnel of Mist 1st. But here is the story behind it. Right before he got to be the Russo family wizard, he had to admit that Alex was just in front of him in the Tunnel of Mist. Then he was stuck in the roots. When Alex was just about to go over the finish line, she looked back and saw that Justin was stuck in the roots. Alex thought and thought about going over the finish line or coming back to save Justin. Then Alex went back to save Justin. "I don't want to win like this" Alex said. At that moment Max Russo ,Jake T. Austin, pas…

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  • Jazatz2


    September 29, 2012 by Jazatz2

    SELENA GOMEZ TO EXECUTIVE-PRODUCE AND STAR IN NEW "WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE" TELEVISION EVENT ON DISNEY CHANNEL 'One of Disney Channel's most beloved stars -- Selena Gomez -- and one of its most successful series ever, the multiple Emmy Award and BAFTA-winning "Wizards of Waverly Place," are set to return in an exciting new television event that begins production next month in Los Angeles. Ms. Gomez, an actress and platinum-selling recording artist, will executive-produce and also star along with Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone, Maria Canals-Barrera, David DeLuise and Gregg Sulkin, who reprise the roles they made popular. The one hour television event is scheduled for premiere in early 2013. 'Selena Gomez will join Radio Disney's Ernie D on…

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  • Josiah sarpong


    August 4, 2012 by Josiah sarpong

    hi editors, pls i need friends

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  • Nerakil

    Wiki Maintenance

    July 13, 2012 by Nerakil

    Hello, fellow Wiki-editors! I decided to make a blog to voice my concerns/suggestions/etc. about this particular wiki, hopefully someone will read it, mainly, an active admin or something, as most of these here are things that a non-admin can take care of.

    • Do we really need a category for 'Elves', seeing as there is only one elf under it (Tutor Hatchback)?
    • Do we have an updated template for species, with the lime-green headers that all the new templates have? I only see the default grey/black/white ones for species pages.

    • Clean up top menu
      • The "Beings" tab under "Characters" is essentially just a random mix of wizards, mortals and creatures, all of which already have their respective tabs in the "Characters" menu.
    • Go through pages marked for de…

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  • GokuXBulma

    in Quinceanera Alex asTheresa was heels later when Justin pull up her dress she was wearing pink high tops and when she was on her phone she was wearing pink extra high tops

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  • Chynaisawesome

    Good Bye Wizards

    June 28, 2012 by Chynaisawesome

    Arent yall just sad that Wizards is now over

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  • Jesus Agustin

    Visit The It's a Laugh Productions Wiki It Has Shows Like

    • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
    • Hannah Montana
    • Cory in the House
    • Wizards of Waverly Place
    • The Suite Life on Deck
    • Sonny With a Chance
    • Jonas L.A
    • I'm in The Band
    • Good Luck Charlie
    • Shake It Up
    • So Random!
    • A.N.T Farm
    • Kickin It
    • Jessie
    • Austin & Ally
    • Lab Rats
    • And Coming Soon Shows

    All That in Here It's a Laugh Productions

    Please Come Vist The Wiki Needs Help Thank You:)

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  • Amy231

    I really do!

    But lets vote here.. Post in comments!

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    March 20, 2012 by CHRISTIAN JOSEPH USERO

    monte carlo is also pop movie by selena gomez ! ?

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  • Loganmoon1517


    March 18, 2012 by Loganmoon1517

    if you go to school and hate it i go w ith you i hate school so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Len Vennyson

    Im getting confused i went on each charecters pages and seen this

    Justin birthdate :October 31st 1991

    Alex birthdate  : June 8th 1994

    Max birthdate  : May 9th 1995

    now Max's birthdate i am fine with but alex and Justins i am wondering about

    Its says Justin graduated 2010 and alex 2011 wich means there 1 not 3 years appart.

    Unless due too Alex being born June 8th (before september) she was aloud in the higher class. but that would mean either

    Justin was born October 31st 1992 or

    Alex was born June 8th 1993

    but it can't be both . and also even so if alex is in harpers class and zeke is in Justin's class wouldn't zeke be to old for her. im confused someone tell me what it is

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  • 2getherbffs

    FUN FUN!!

    March 15, 2012 by 2getherbffs

    Editing is my dream job and this makes it 100 x's more easy . :)

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  • Hemu21295

    Useful spells

    March 13, 2012 by Hemu21295

    What are your most favorite spells?

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    Im Following in the steps of Earning Badges

    Pls. Search monsters that is a page i created

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  • Trainboy11


    March 6, 2012 by Trainboy11

    List the names of spellmakers here.

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  • Tasha.urry

    Justin Russo.

    March 2, 2012 by Tasha.urry

    it is Tasha

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  • Sfulwider


    February 16, 2012 by Sfulwider


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  • Natashacampb

    hi guys!!!!!!

    February 13, 2012 by Natashacampb
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  • Teddybearlover

    WOWP on disney xd

    February 11, 2012 by Teddybearlover

    WOPW is going to air on disney XD i saw a commercial on disney XD and it play WOWPW.

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  • E-TeensRule

    If you are wondering, he is the actor for Professor Crumbs. I was informed this afternoon through the Star Wars Underworld on facebook that Ian Abercrombie has passed away. He is one of my favorite characters in WOWP, and also plays Chancellor Palapatine in Star Wars The Clone Wars which premiered its new episode tonight, a sad note to many of us fans. I wished to inform you through the Wiki, as he has a part in the series and I saw no one knew about it here yet (blog wise, nothing to do with knowledge). I wish him peace in death and may the force be with him, always.Star Wars Underworld page- Ian Abercrombie

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  • A.r.s.h.©

    Plot inconsistencies

    January 24, 2012 by A.r.s.h.©

    ==Plot inconsistencies ==

    Justin had a werewolf girl friend at one point and kissed her and turned into one; Alex and mason kiss all the time and she dose not turn into a werewolf

    Alex, Justin and Max did not go to the power transferor when they lost like Steve did (later)

    What happened to Juliet’s parents?

    Juliet just like appeared?

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  • Cylover

    goodbye wisards

    January 8, 2012 by Cylover

    anything to say about the last episode of wisards?

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  • RBCS

    The last episode!

    January 8, 2012 by RBCS

    I was thinking about the last episode and I really wasn't satisfied the ending. I still have alot of questons like if Justin is the headmaster of wiz tech than doesn't that allow him to give people thier full wizard powers, and if so why didn't he give Max full wizard powers so they can all be full wizards? Or maybe the world would need saving so they Russo's would have to save it again but since Max doesn't have full wizards powers he gets granted some by Justin. Their could also be the possiblity that another show based on this one could come out and Max the one with no wizard powers would have kids (more than 1 and either gender) and they have to face of as Max would teach them spells sort of like Jerry but not as responsible and he wo…

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  • Bori Freak

    It Isn't Fair!

    January 8, 2012 by Bori Freak

    It's not fair how Alex and Justin get to be wizards and Max just gets the Sub-Station! Max shoud've gotten his powers too! Ugh! I am so mad! That is not a happy ending! Yah, Max said he was happy but it still isn't fair!

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