Angels of Darkness
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"Dancing with Angels"

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"Wizards vs Everything"

The Angels of Darkness are the wicked, mean, and corrupted opposite of the Guardian Angels and they had no problem with using their powers for personal gain and to evil doing. Their presence turns good people into evil ones and influences them to do bad actions like stealing or lying, They have black wings.

Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is the headquarters of the Angels of Darkness and, contrary to their good cousins, is actually located on Earth, at the top of a building. The Dark Realm possess a black aura, making it look like it's always night, though the mortals apparently don't notice it.

It's very gothic and possess various gargoyles around. The throne of Gorog, their ruler, is located here. It seems like the Wizard World and the Guardian Angels' headquarters, has a portal in the bottom of the building that teleports into the top, though Alex flew into the top.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telepathy: can talk to anyone they want so they can have more secret talks.
  • Power Granting: Can grant the powers of Angels to anyone, but only Angels of Darkness had been shown being capable of this ability.
  • Manipulate Evil: Angels of Darkness influence people into doing evil deeds. This power works merely by presence.
  • Flight: With their wings, Angels of Darkness can fly.
  • Wizardry: Only powerful Angels of Darkness can give dark wings and dark angel powers to others.
  • Hidden Wings: Can hide their wings to appear white.

If the Moral Compass is turned from evil to good, Angels of Darkness are left weakened. This makes it necessary to keep the Compass in the Guardian Angels Headquarters to ensure that the Guardian Angels have the power and energy that they need.


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