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Earth/The Dark Realm

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"*Dancing with Angels"

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"*Wizards vs. Angels"

Angels are magical winged beings that have a positive role in human religion and culture. They're associated with good, kindness, truth, and justice. [1] However, Angels are as susceptible to evil as humans and can use their magical abilities for personal gain and cause pain and suffering. [2]

Powers and Abilities

Angels are powerful magical beings and amongst their many powers include:

  • Telepathy: can talk to anyone they want mentally, so they can have more secret talks; [3]
  • Empathy: ability to feel other people's emotions such as fear, worry and love; [4]
  • Morality Manipulation: Guardian Angels influence people to do good deeds while Angels of Darkness influence in the opposite; [6]
  • Flight: Ability to defy gravity and float and move in the air; [7]
  • Invisibility: Angels approach people invisible to influence them in both good and evil; [8]
  • Spellcasting: Angels are not capable of casting spells as shown in the episode Wizards vs Everything. Gorog stole Felixs wand but didn't use it himself, he convinced Felix to. If Gorog wanted to gather an army he could have used magic but as Angels magical abilities are quite limited he couldn't have accomplished this.
as shown in Everything's Rosie for Justin </ref>

Source of powers

The angelic race has its strength based in a powerful artifact known as Moral Compass. When the Compass is set to good, the Guardian Angels are strong and people are susceptible to do good deeds. However, when the Compass is set to evil, Guardian Angels lose their strength, people do terrible things, and the Angels of Darkness prevail.

Kinds of Angels


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