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“Alex Russo, Matchmaker?”
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Season 3, Episode 20
Air date

July 2, 2010


Justin Varava


Mary Lou Belli

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Delinquent Justin

"Alex Russo, Matchmaker?" is the twentieth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the seventy-second of the overall series. It first aired on July 2, 2010.


Alex sets Harper up with Justin's best friend Zeke for the school science fair. But Alex becomes frustrated when she sees that Harper and Zeke are actually interested in their science project than sharing romantic feelings for each other. She then casts a spell to make sparks fly between them, which literally happens when they touch. Meanwhile, Justin creates a water-powered engine, while Max "creates life" by finding items under his bed and putting them in a barbecue grill.


Main Cast

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Mind reading - Can listen to other's thoughts and communicate with them

Zippozap Zippozee Zippozarum (Sparks Fly Spell) - creates a fire when used on inanimate objects; usage on humans, however, flares up their emotions


  • Harper reveals that Alex's relationship with Mason was the longest she ever had, and that they dated for two months before he turned into a wolf.
  • Zeke mentions that he doesn't like reading 'Aquaman' comics as he is afraid of water.
  • Harper mentions Alex dating a gearhead (Dean), who is also mentioned by name by Theresa, along with Riley and Mason.
  • Alex claims that some of the romantic things Harper and Zeke should be doing are driving through a Sloppy Joe or throwing water balloons off the terrace, which makes Theresa realize that Alex is trying to live out a romance vicariously through Zeke and Harper.
  • The trophy is the same from the marathon in Marathoner Harper and from the Lifetime Achievement Award in Dad's Buggin' Out.