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Justin Russo, Alex Russo, and Max Russo are the main sibling relationship. Their parents are Jerry Russo and Theresa Russo. They are also called The Trio Of Russo. Their best friends are: Harper Finkle, Zeke Beakerman, Juliet Van Heusen (Justin's girlfriend/Future wife) and Mason Greyback (Alex's boyfriend/Future husband). The Trio of russo are first seen in Crazy 10-Minute Sale. They are last seen in Who Will Be The Family Wizard, because Justin is only mentioned and seen on picture in The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex.

Justin Russo

Justin is the eldest of the three siblings. He is smart and competitive. He is a lot like his father. He loves to judge Alex and Max when they mess up, but he knows to selfishly use magic, too. He always saves the thing. He looks a little bit like uncle Ernesto. He doe'snt become the family wizard as everyone expected, but he becomes headmaster at WizTech.

Alex Russo

Alex is the troublemaker. She is the middle child and daddy's little girl. She is sometimes jelaous of her brothers. She is a lot like aunt Megan. She becomes the family wizard, and that is not a problem betwwen her and Justin, as everyone tought it was going to be.

Max Russo

Max is the youngest. He is not very smart and he is a lot like uncle Kelbo. When Alex and Justin turn him into a girl Maxine, he becomes daddy's little girl and makes his siblings jelaous. In the end, he becomes mortal and gets the family bussines, which he seems really happy about.


Justin's relationship with Alex is very complicated. Alex is frustrated that everyone are always comparing her to Justin. Justin has shown some protectivenes over Alex taking the role of her older brother. Alex is shown to be his little sister. They taunt and tease each other but they love each other very much and would put ther life in danger for safety the other one. Alex always pulls pranks on Justin. Justin puts pranks on her too, just not that often. Justin always tries to be better than Alex. He is jelaous because he studies hard to be the family wizard, and Alex just comes and saves them when they are in trouble without even thinking. Alex is also jelaous of her brother because he's so smart, kind and nice. She says that he's everything she has always wanted to be. They are always there for each other. When Alex ruins the competition in Who Will Be The Family Wizard, Justin hates her and it doesn't seem like he's going to forgive her. However, he forigives her when they save the family bussines. When they are back in the competiton, Alex comes back to help Justin and Justin wins. He gives his full powers to Alex saying that she deserves that more than anyone. In the end, Justin becomes the headmaster of WizTech and Alex hugs him and is very happy about it. They are very thankful to each other cause they have saved each other and the world a lot of times. Alex thinks that Justin is always there for her when she screws up, while Justin is really sorry because she's his little sister and he shouldn't be on her as much. When Alex moves in with Harper, Mason causes a trouble, and Justin saves everything once again. He says that cleaning other people's messes and judging them afterwards is what makes his life complete, that Alex makes his life complete and he misses her, even do he hides it. Alex tells him thet she misses him too. Their relationship is ore significant then relationships with Max.

Max-Alex Relationship

Max and Alex are not as close as Jalax, but they are pretty close. They are younger than Justin so the pull pranks on him and tease him a lot.

Max-Justin Relationship

Max and Justin are brothers. They are close and have the same interests in the boy things. They are opposites. Justin is smart and serious, while Max is funny and not very smart. Justin is the eldest, and max is the youngest one.