“Alex's Logo”
318Alex's Logo
Season 3, Episode 17
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May 21, 2010


David Henrie


David DeLuise

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"Alex's Logo" is the seventeenth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the sixty-ninth of the overall series. It first aired on May 21, 2010.


Alex begins selling her own brand of shirts at school for $10 each. Justin, as student body president, tells her that the school's S.C.A.M. council dictates that she must give 75% of the proceeds to the school as a cut for selling her merchandise on school property. As she is a cheerleader, was a part of the Happy Helper's Club, and has now donated a large sum of money towards the school, Alex is chosen as the recipient of the school's Citizenship Award, which must be presented to her by Justin.

A letter (Alex's Logo)

A letter!

When she tells her family Justin believes she's lying about winning the award fair and square and that she used magic, so he puts the truth spell on her to find out.

When it's time for Alex's acceptance speech she realizes that Justin never removed the truth spell and she tells everyone exactly what she thinks of them, hurting a lot of feelings. For an entire week, she is ignored by everyone, until finally they start throwing her shirts at her for $3 a throw, a sale facilitated by Max. Mr. Laritate embarrasses himself on purpose so that everyone will forget about her mistake and finally accept Alex again, prompting Alex to thank him sincerely.


  • Don't Let (Name) Be a Liar, The Truth Is On Fire - puts a halo on an individual's head and makes them always tell the truth
  • Truth, truth, she used to know, now she becomes the Old Russo - reverses the truth spell cast on a Russo family member.


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  • This episode was written by David Henrie and directed by David DeLuise.
  • This is the final episode where Harper is absent. She is present for the remainder of the series.
  • Laritate said he didn't know what a text was in this episode, but in "Art Teacher", he notifies Alex that Ms. Majorhealy sent in her resignation via text messages, and expresses surprise over the fact that his phone gets texts.


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